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You want to get noticed by directors and your audience & book better work

You want to connect even deeper with your emotions and your text

You need a more powerful, expressive voice to create greater impact

Often when it comes down to two people that a director is considering...

The one with a great voice will have more impact and they will get the job.

You don’t want to lose a job because your voice is not expressive, powerful, or free enough!

As an Actor or Performer you use your voice professionally every day

You need to count on your voice to have control, power, and expression when you are in rehearsal, on-set, or practicing your scenes and monologues. 

You need to count on your voice to represent you and to be your calling card when you are in meetings with directors, and/or when you’re making the first impression that matters so much. You want to be remembered!

You need to count on your voice to communicate and be likable when you’re making your videos for social media, hosting a podcast, or your YouTube Channel.

Today, you can finally change your career by giving yourself

The Most Effective Acting Communication Tool

A Powerful and Expressive Voice!

Power up your voice, get noticed, and book more exciting work

Your Voice Is Your Expressive Signature

Think About It...

Your voice is your Expressive Signature both personally and when you’re acting or performing. People know you by your voice. And the people you connect with will respond to how your voice makes them feel. 

Like it or not – your voice is a big part of your acting and performance and affects how much work you will book, and how people perceive you. 

So, it’s important that you can trust your voice and that you feel confident every time you have to deliver. 

So, how do casting directors, directors, the audience, and even your acting teacher respond to your voice?

Do they immediately seem comfortable around you?

Are you able to effectively utilize their notes in your next take?

Can you easily make adjustments in the sound of your voice?

Do they keep asking you to “give more” in your performances?

Or do you sometimes get the note that you’re “pushing” in your acting or performing?

More importantly - What is really going on with your voice? 

You wish you had more variety in your voice

You want to have a more expressive voice but don’t know how to do that

You have trouble fully expressing your character’s feelings

Your voice sometimes gives out on you when you have to scream

You need help finding and developing accents and character voices 

Find your voice and create a lasting impact every time

To be hired as a working professional actor and performer, voice training is vital

You make greater daily demands on your voice.

You often use your voice for long hours, sometimes in situations that are quite stressful. When I worked with Anna Diop, she was starring in the Fox TV show, 24: Legacy. Every scene she was in required something different of her voice. She was screaming in terror in one scene, having a loud argument in the next and then in the next scene she had to be very intimate. I coached her for several months before she started shooting, so she could be voice ready for the set with no fear of losing it. 


An expressive voice gives you the competitive edge. 

Meryl Streep is a master at creating different vocal inflections, qualities and accents. Actors like Morgan Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Seth MacFarland, Robin Williams and Scarlet Johanson all are instantly recognizable and have long and incredible careers. Why? With all of them, their expressive voice is their signature and that gives them the competitive edge.  This can be you.


A great voice expands the type of work opportunities that are available for you. 

Do you want to add Voice-Over to a way to make more money as an Actor? Then you will need a great voice that you can count on! How about hosting a podcast or a TV show?  Or becoming a social media influencer? Your voice will be your signature! Especially in these times where everything has moved online, you can now open possibilities for work.


You can’t afford to lose your voice.

Your voice needs to stay healthy and strong. Adam Conover, the host for the TV show, Adam Ruins Everything creates so many funny voices and ways of speaking that his voice was becoming fatigued by the long hours on the set. I worked with him on his voice to make sure his voice would hold up. He happily reported to me that his voice is now doing fine.

Vocal Power & Freedom Creator, Faith Rumer coaching Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, star and host of NBC’s America Ninja Warrior.

Confidence Hosting on National TV

When Akbar started studying voice, he had retired as an NFL football player and was pursuing a career as a sports analyst for the NFL. Our work together helped him gain confidence and strength in his voice. People started to notice. Then he got the opportunity to host American Ninja Warrior, but this was a very different way of using his voice. So, I coached him through developing an even more expressive voice. Akbar has been successfully hosting American Ninja Warrior since 2015. His voice has been a foundational part of his job security. Can’t argue with a success marker like longevity in an entertainment career.

"Faith, thank you so much for the part you played in helping me tune my instrument. The voice is such a powerful instrument in so many ways and no one teaches that better than you." — Akbar Gbaja-Biamila 

What Faith’s Clients Are Saying…

"She works with the best because she is the best!"

— Aaron Speiser (Acting Coach for Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Gerard Butler & Virginia Madsen)

“Faith Rumer is without doubt the finest voice and dialect coach I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my 40 years in the business. Her passion, skill and techniques are simple and extremely effective."

Faith Can Help You Too!

A Tremendous Benefit to My Career

"I've been working with Faith for years now. When we first started working together, I struggled with tapping into my voice and projection. Faith helped me develop strong vocal projection and enunciation skills that have benefited me tremendously in my career. She's also been a key player in my acting career and coached me on numerous projects, leading to bookings. She has such an infectious passion for her students!"   — Corinne Foxx, Actress & Producer

Faith is a miracle worker

"She has made a notable difference not only in my voice-over work but in the way I approach the art itself. In a short few weeks my reads have taken on a more conversational tone and I can tackle longer passages of copy with ease. Faith is someone every actor and performer needs to know." — Spencer Krull (Voice-Over Artist)

Get Ahead In Your Craft

“If you want to get ahead in your craft, if you want to free up your instrument and loosen up and open up Faith has the ideal class. Thank you for helping me uncover the connection between my voice and my body.” —  Alex Huynh (Stuntman/Actor) Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Faith of Our Fathers

I Found My True Voice

“I have been a professional stand-up comedian for 13 years and it wasn't until I took both Faith's Voice Class that I found my true voice on stage.  She helps you to connect your voice to your body. Thanks Faith.”  — Jaylyn Bishop (Actor, Comedian)

Impeccable Ear for Accents

Faith Rumer is incredible! Her ear for accents and dialects is impeccable. She also has an uncanny ability to see into the soul of the actor and clear up blocks (mental or physical) then works with you to open your instrument. — Elijah Allan-Blitz (Actor) She's Funny That Way, The Shield

Migraines Disappeared

“My Doctor noticed a huge change with my jaw alignment, the place of my tongue when I speak and the reduction of stress. He asked me what I’ve done differently, I told him about Faith Rumer’s voice class. He encouraged me to continue the classes. Not only have my migraines gone away, my jaw is improving, Faith helped me find the tone of my voice that makes me feel confident.” — Nadia Garcia Sanders, Actress

Be rockstar confident, enjoy fantastic career success, and create a lasting impact

What will it mean to you to finally have the tools and the ability to BOOK MORE JOBS and express yourself easily and powerfully?

Today is the day that you can change your voice and your life

Vocal Power & Freedom: PREMIUM Actor & Performer Package

Each lesson is designed to be effective, and actionable, so iwon’t take years to make a difference. These lessons will help take your acting to the highest level possible.


29 Essential Voice Training Lessons/ Over 2 Hours of Voice-Changing Videos

6 Modules 

  • Get rid of the #1 enemy of your voice – TENSION. 
  • Aligning your body to support your voice & feel confident 
  • Develop your breath & vocal support for healthy vocal strength
  • Create  the power in your voice to freely & fully express yourself
  • Increase the natural beauty and resonance of your own unique voice
  • Develop beautiful and articulate speech to get your message across


17 Innovative Lessons/ Over 90 Minutes of Career-Changing Videos

5 Powerful Modules 

  • Power up your voice and take your acting and performing to another level
  • Build a more expressive, emotional voice 
  • Easily access your emotions: "Voice & Body Connection Technique" 
  • How to scream without hurting your voice
  • Exclusive Voice exercises for the Voice-Over Actor


  • Faith's 6-Step Daily Vocal Warm-up Routine ($300 Value)
  • Faith's Ultimate Vocal Care E-Book ($250 Value)
  • Dialogue Scripts for the Emotional Connection Technique ($200 Value)
  • Neuro-Affirmations to Daily Increase Your Confidence ($250 Value)
  • 5 Steps To Creating Memorable Character Voices LIVE Training and Q&A ($700 Value)

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Faith coaches The Try Guys: YouTube Sensation with over 7 million followers

Faith Rumer has helped people all over the world develop a voice that they love

I’ve worked with thousands of voice students all over the world, including Academy-Award winning actors, Grammy-winning singer-songwriters, numerous film and television stars, recording artists, comedians, world-class entrepreneurs and speakers, an NBC television host, social media influencers, YouTube Stars and Podcast hosts. 

I also coach teachers, students, ministers, women executives, and people in sales. My Master's Degree is in Speech Pathology/ Voice Therapy, and I did my internship at USC County Medical Center, working in their world-class voice lab, where I helped patients with all kinds of voice injuries.

My students love the power and freedom they’ve found in their new voice. Their commitment to developing a better sounding voice has made a dramatic difference in their professional and personal lives. And it brings me such joy to see and hear about their successes. 

I wanted to reach more people and bring these great vocal techniques to a wider audience, to help more of you find that same vocal power and freedom. 

So, I created an easy to use system that could be accessed from your own home at any time, where you can comfortably work on your voice every day. 

What is it worth to you to experience greater confidence, have more success, and make a bigger impact in your life?

For the Professional Actor and Performer developing a powerful, expressive and free voice leads to:

  • Increased success 

  • Making more money

  • The ability to make a greater impact in your work

When you have a more resonant, powerful and expressive voice you will have a new found confidence in yourself. Your life will change!

Begin right now in your own home

Today is the day you can change your voice and your life

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